Here’s The Trailer For Monstrous!

Christina Ricci, whose performance was one of the highlights of the first season of Yellowjackets, plays a menaced mother in the upcoming supernatural thriller, Monstrous.  The trailer below features Ricci’s character, her son, a rather ugly monster, and a really big car.  Apparently, this film was produced by the Chicken Soup for the Soul people, which somehow just makes it all the more creepy.

(Seriously, whenever I see that anyone owns one of those “Chicken Soup” books …. well, I wouldn’t say that I silently judge them but the temptation is always there.  Of course, you have to understand that I don’t really like soup to begin with.  Someone once told me to have some chicken soup because I had a cold and I was like, “Yeah, I don’t have anything to do with soup so you’re advice is worthless and I’m still sick!”)

Anyway, the Chicken Soup brand is all about inspiring true stories so I guess maybe the monster is going to have a good life lesson to impart.  We’ll find out on May 1st!

Here’s the trailer: