Music Video of the Day: All of My Life by Phil Collins (1990, directed by Jim Yukich)

What sets All of My Life apart from all of the other adult contemporary, “easy listening” music that Phil Collins released in the 90s is that saxophone solo at the start of the song.  That sax solo almost makes up for all the bland Disney sons that Collins wrote in search of that first Oscar.

As for this video, it’s largely a performance clip but, mixed in, there are a few scenes of Phil Collins going about his everyday life.  Of course, for Phil, everyday life meant a private plane and a luxury tour bus.  What a likeable bloke!  Personally, I don’t care how Phil Collins spent his money.  As the saying goes, “If you’ve got it…”

This video was directed by Jim Yukich.  Yukich was one of those video directors who, if you were a successful musical artist in the late 80s or the 90s, you would probably end up making at least one video with Yukich.  Yukich directed videos for everyone from Iron Maiden to Genesis to REO Speedwagon.  He got around.


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