A Gary Oldman Scene That I Love: The Hotel Scene From The Firm

The Firm (1989, directed by Alan Clarke)

Since today is Gary Oldman’s birthday, I decided to share a scene that I love from The Firm.

Directed by Alan Clarke, this 1989 film was originally made for the BBC and it stars Oldman as Bex Bissell.  During the week, Bex sells real estate.  During the weekend, he’s a football hooligan and the leader of his own firm.  Though The Firm is not as well-known in the States as some of his other films, I think that Gary Oldman’s performance here might very well be the best of his career.

In this scene, Bex and his firm meet with two other firms in a London hotel.  They’re arguing about who is going to be the “top boy” during the upcoming international football tournament in Holland.  Mostly, they’re just trying to out-intimidate and one-up each other.  Oldman controls the scene through pure attitude.

We leave you with the ICC motto — “we come in peace, we leave you in pieces.”

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