Lisa’s Week In Television: 8/15/21 — 8/21/21

Usually, I’m not a big news watcher.  That’s not to say that I don’t know what’s going on in the world.  It’s just that I make it a point not to spend hours sitting in front of CNN, MSNBC, or FOX because I’ve noticed that people that do that seem to go insane after a week or so.  In fact, I’m the type of person who regularly makes it a point to go for a week without checking any of the big political accounts on twitter because I know that their nonstop partisanship can be bad for one’s mental health.  I’m proud to say that, from Obama to Trump to Biden, I’ve always blocked the @POTUS.

That really wasn’t an option this week.  The images coming out of Afghanistan were too horrifying and the President’s response to them were too baffling for me too look away.  So, when it comes to television, I’ve spent a lot of this week watching the news.  In fact, I’ve probably spent too much.  I’m going back to my old habits starting on Monday.

Here’s the details on the non-news related television that I watched this week:

Bachelor In Paradise (Monday Night, ABC)

I watched the premiere episode of the new season but, at the same time, I was also watching Gleaming the Cube with the #MondayActionMovie live tweet group and I have to admit that skateboarding Christian Slater was a bit more entertaining than shallow singles on the beach.  So, long story short, I didn’t really pay much attention to Bachelor In Paradise.  David Spade appeared to be having fun as the temporary host and one of the bachelors spent almost the entire episode naked and I couldn’t help but notice that the censorship box over his crotch was a little bit on the small side.

That said, I do have to say that I usually enjoy Bachelor In Paradise.  It’s kind of a nice antidote to all the forced earnestness of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  It’s honest about the fact that it’s just a trashy reality show.

Big Brother (24/7, CBS and Paramount Plus)

I’m still watching this show and writing about it at the Big Brother Blog!

Hell’s Kitchen (Monday, FOX)

Both teams did a good job this week and it’s good that they did since Melissa Joan Hart was one of the celebrity diners!  You don’t want to mess up when you’re cooking for Sabrina.  Still, despite their success, someone had to be eliminated and this week, it was Josie.  Still Gordon Ramsay told Josie to keep cooking and to keep learning.  It was a pretty nice episode, actually.

Lonesome Dove (Wednesday Night, DVD)

I’ve been watching Lonesome Dove with the the #WestWed live tweet group, hosted by Matthew Titus.  This week, we watched the third episode, which was a real heartbreaker.  Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones were forced to hang their oldest friend after he fell in with a bunch of outlaws.  Then, after that tragedy, Danny Glover ended up getting impaled with a spear.  The old west was brutal!

The Love Boat (Sunday Evening, MeTV)

While Vicki struggled with her place on the boat and worked as her father’s secretary, various passengers fell in love.  “She may have a South Beach body but she’s a North Pole personality,” Doc Bricker scornfully said about one passenger who didn’t appreciate his attempts at flirtation.  That was a mean thing to say!  Anyway, that’s all I really remember about the episode.  I always enjoy watching this show because the cruise looks fun but it’s rare that I remember much about anything that happens.

Saved By The Bell (Monday, E!)

On Monday, E! did a Saved By The Bell marathon.  They aired all of the senior-year episodes, except for the ones that featured Tori.  I watched a few.  Everyone totally rearranged their lives so Zack could graduate, even though Zack’s academic problems were totally his own fault.  Awwwww!

As I said, I spent most of this week following the news and watching movies.  Seriously, the DVR is so full of things I need to watch, I’m surprised it hasn’t stopped working.  Hopefully, I’ll make my way through some of that next week!

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