Titans S2 Ep8, “Jericho” Review by Case Wright

Stephen King described his worst fear as a person who has power over you, that is SUPPOSED to take care of you, but doesn’t. “Jericho” is about deceit and the pain and misery that causes, which leads to Dick’s downfall and the death i.e. collateral damage that is Jericho. Taylor/Sutton, Hatfield/McCoy, Titans/Deathstroke there’s always collateral damage, but this is much worse because the team knew Jericho was Deathstroke’s son and were using him from the start. Therefore, Deathstroke calling Dick a con man was accurate.

The story quickly shifts to Slade/Deathstroke. They’re all at a campfire and we learn Deathstroke’s origin story from Jericho. He kills A LOT of people and doesn’t stop snacking. Really. Then, he comes home, changed. His son can speak and it looks like he can have a life, but not so much. He becomes a killer for hire and SPAMS everyone on Linkedin to be his contact. Thugs attack his family to get info from Deathstroke. Oops. They all die, but not before his business leads to his family getting attacked and Jericho losing his voice via severed vocal chords. The backstory from Jericho leads to Deathstroke’s agent.

Deathstroke learns that the Titans are using his son to get to him. Well, I have to admit that I’m on Team Deathstroke on this one. Soon, we learn Jericho’s ability. He’s able to possess people. That’s weird. We flashback to a road rage incident where Jericho uses the power and his dad witnesses it. I feel so badly for Jericho being used like this. Dick is totally blinded by rage and revenge. Dick decides to take Jericho as a Titans member and tell him about how they were pursuing his Dad. It actually goes quite well; Jericho joins the Titans and try to stop Deathstroke. I’d be pissed.

Jericho leaves his mom and she sends Deathstroke to get him back. She’s coooooooold Blooded! Ice water in her veins. Deathstroke’s agent sends him to meet his Dad/Deathstroke. Dick is fine with manipulating anyone for revenge. Deathstroke versus the Titans. Yikes. Not gonna end well for them.

The next scene is one the best fight scene ever! Deathstroke Vs Wondergirl! FIGHT! There’s swords, knives, rope, and Ryan Seacrest hosts. It’s CRAZY!!!

Jericho confronts his dad. He’s wearing the Deathstroke armor without a mask. In reality, he’s naked. All of these capes are their true selves in costume. He says, “You wanted the truth…. This is who I am. This is who I’ve become.” This brilliantly calls back to the episode “Conner” where Eve says to Conner that he is person. “A person is what they do, not what they say.”

I thought I saw the best fight, but the Deathstroke v Robin battle was epic. Deathstroke has like stick-sword-gun! WTF?!!!! Just as Deathstroke is going to deliver the Coup De Gras, Jericho leaps in and takes his father’s sword, killing Jericho.

We cut to the Tower. Hank and Dawn hate Dick now. Their quest for revenge caused Jericho’s death- an innocent kid. To her credit, Wondergirl offers her continuing friendship because she knows that she, Dick, and Deathstroke all held the killing sword. This show just delivers again and again. Esai Morales deserves an Emmy for this performance!

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