Josh Pettinger’s “Goiter” #6 : Buddy Blank Lives!

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Wow, that Josh Pettinger is one busy dude : two new issues of his solo anthology series in less than a year, and from two different publishers at that! Kilgore Books is the new home for Goiter (or should we now be referring to it as Goiter Comics, given the increased emphasis of the latter word in the book’s new logo?) as of issue #6, after a brief stop-over at Tinto Press, but fear not : the “nowhere-to-go-but-up” trajectory of this title continues apace. Hell, Pettinger himself seems to know as much, referring to this issue as his strongest yet on the inside cover blurbs and letters page.

And, really, who am I to argue with the comic’s own creator? Unless he’s wrong, of course — but he’s not, so let’s just trudge on ahead, shall we?

Pettinger’s never been shy about wearing his Dan Clowes and Chris Ware…

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