Small Wonder : Rachelle Meyer’s “Holy Diver”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

While the more carnally-minded among us may disagree with the old adage that the best things often come in small packages, Rachelle Meyer is here to prove that some cliches are actually and absolutely true by means of her newly-released mini, Holy Diver, a perfect little slice of memoir published under the auspices of her very own Therewise Enterprises label that well and truly lays to rest any notions of autobio having “played itself out” over the course of 21 (the story concludes on the inside back cover) Chick tract-formatted pages. And talking of things playing themselves out —

So-called “backward masking” is the theme of the day here, a largely bogus urban legend which contended that rock groups — in particular those that plied their wares in the heavy metal genre — were “concealing secret messages” in the vinyl grooves of their records that could only be heard…

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