In “Scab County,” The Scars Run Deep

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Confession time : I pride myself on being up on just about everything going on in the world of small press and self-published comics, but try as I might, there is still a fair amount of stuff that escapes my notice until well after its release date, and such is the case with Scab County, a harrowing, disturbing, and yes even funny one-shot written and drawn by legendary DIY cartoonist/musician/SOV filmmaker Carlos Gonzales in 2015 and published by Floating World Comics the following year. Odds are fairly good, then, that a number of regular readers of this blog already have this book, but to give away the game right away here, let me say that for those of you who don’t, you’d be well-advised to do what I recently did and grab one up quickly because the sooner you get the contents of this comic into your subconscious mind…

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The game is still on in the Escape Room: Tournament of Champions trailer

Adam Robitel’s Escape Room was a fun surprise back in 2019. Starring Taylor Russell and Logan Miller, the film focused on a group of people playing in an Escape Room. Escape Rooms are ones you’re locked in, where you’re given riddles to solve before moving on. Only in this case, the rooms were deadly. The sequel looks like it offers even greater challenges, this time to individuals who have already survived the games before.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions premieres on July 16.

Music Video of the Day: Addicted to Love by Ciccone Youth (1988, directed by Kim Gordon)

Yes, this is a cover of the Robert Palmer song that, for many, epitomizes the 80s. The music video for Ciccone Youth’s version probably cost considerably less than the video for the original Palmer version. Back in the 80s, stores often had booths where, for $19.99, you could stand in front of a blue screen and lip sync along to a song while images were projected behind you. This video was shot at Macy’s. Palmer performed his song with a group of models playing his backup band. Kim Gordon performed the song in front of what appeared to be a documentary about the war in Vietnam. As for Gordon’s vocals, they were recorded in a karaoke booth.

Ciccone Youth was a side project of Sonic Youth members Steve Shelley, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore, featuring contributions from Minutemen/Firehose member Mike Watt and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. They released one album in 1988, The Whitey Album. Ciccone Youth were not the only artist to cover Addicted to Love in 1988. Tina Turner was doing the same thing and she even released her own video of the song at roughly the same time that Kim Gordon was dancing at Macy’s.