Music Video of the Day: Walking Down Your Street by the Bangles (1987, directed by Gary Weis)

Yes, that’s a youngish and less crazed-looking Randy Quaid, playing the truck driver who asks the Bangles if they want to walk like an Egyptian. It can sometimes be surprising to remember that, before he dedicated his life to exposing the Star Whackers, Randy Quaid was a busy and popular character actor.

Little Richard also shows up towards the end of this video. There’s no chance of ever mistaking Little Richard for being anyone other than Little Richard.

This video was directed by Gary Weis, who is best-known for directing short films for the first few seasons of Saturday Night Live. You know that black-and-white film where John Belushi goes to a cemetery and talks about how he outlived the entire cast? Weis directed that. He also directed Steve Martin’s first stand-up special and several concert films.