Here’s The Trailer For Spiral: From The Book of Saw!

Casting Chris Rock in a Saw film still feels strange to me but it’s not quite as a strange as the fact that Saw franchise is apparently still a thing. Unlike the majority of the characters who have appeared in the Saw films, this franchise appears to be immortal. I have a feeling that long after we’re all gone and we’ve been replaced by a new generation of film watcher and film reviewers, a new Saw film will still come out every few years. Eventually, no one will be able to follow the plot but it won’t matter. All that’ll matter will be seeing who loses an arm.

Anyway, the latest Saw is called Spiral: From The Book of Saw, which is a rather unwieldy title. When this movie was first announced it was just called Spiral but I guess someone realized that they needed to make it clear that this film is a part of the Saw Cinematic Universe.

(For the records, the SCU existed long before the MCU and it proved that audiences would spend money to watch sequels that were basically impossible to follow if you didn’t already know the backstory. So, you could argue that the MCU owes a lot to the success of the Saw films.)

Here’s the trailer for Spiral. Spiral will be released in May so get ready!

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