Music Video of the Day: Kokomo by The Beach Boys (1988, directed by ????)

Having watched Cocktail earlier tonight with Lisa and the FridayNightFlix crew, Kokomo seemed like an obvious choice for today’s music video of the day.  Kokomo started out as an unreleased song by John Phillips.  When The Beach Boys were commissioned to provide a theme song for Cocktail, Phillips sent the song over.  The Beach Boys, of course, put their own spin on the material and the end result was a surprise hit for the band.

The video was shot at the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World in Florida, with the band performing in front of an audience that included several cheerleaders from the University of Nevada.  This is the only Beach Boys video to not feature Brian Wilson.  It does, however, feature actor John Stamos playing the conga.  (Stamos, apparently, is a long time friend of the band.)

While I couldn’t find a credited director for this video, it does contain several scenes from Cocktail, which was directed by Roger Donaldson.

Incidentally, at the time this song was recorded, there were no resorts called Kokomo.  After the song became a hit, however, several island resorts borrowed the name.


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