Artwork of the Day: Off Limits (by George Gross)

by George Gross

This is from 1953.  As you can tell from reading the cover’s blurb, this is a novel about the “The Guys, The Dames, The Joints, The Creeps Who Surround Our Army Camps And Prey On Our Soldiers.”  On the cover, you can see one of “the dames” distracting two soldiers on a street corner.  There’s no way that those men are going to be able to win their shooting game with a woman standing ten feet away from them.

(I showed this cover to Lisa and she said, “He’s probably just surprised to see his mom in the city.”)

This cover was done by George Gross.  Gross’s work has been featured many times on this site and will probably be featured many more times in the future.

2 responses to “Artwork of the Day: Off Limits (by George Gross)

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  2. You are absolutely right, Erin. As the undisputed king of carnival games, I can attest that I always try to have my female companions well out of distracting distance while competing. This woman, whether the soldier’s mom or not, is clearly in league with the carnies


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