Celebrate Dinosaur Day With The Pulps!

by Alex Schomburg

Happy Dinosaur Day!  Today is the day when we  celebrate the former rulers of our planet!  Dinosaurs were alwasy a popular subject with the pulps.  Pulp magazines were full of stories about modern-day dinosaurs and speculation about why the real ones when extinct.  Putting a dinosaur on the cover of a magazine or a paperback was a good way to catch the attention of readers all over.  Today, let’s celebrate Dinosaur Day with the help of the pulps!

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

by Edmund Emshwiller

by Frank R. Paul

by George Gross

by Howard V. Brown

by J. Allen St. John

by J. Allen St. John

by Lawrence Sterne Stevens

by Thomas Beecham

Happy Dinosaur Day!

by Jerome Podwil