Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen (2008, directed by Mel House)

Six years after the release of the last Witchcraft film, warlock-attorney Will Spanner is back for the 13th chapter in the Witchcraft saga.

This time, Will is played by Tim Wrobel, who gives a better-than-average performance as the conflicted warlock.  Wrobel actually seems to take the role and Will’s mixed feelings about being a warlock seriously and that’s definitely a step up from some of the other actors who have played the role.  In Blood of the Chosen, yet another cult of frequently nude female occultists is picking up and sacrificing men.  Most of their victims are somehow connected to Will.  It’s all because the cult wants Will to impregnate one of them so that their child will grow up to be the new Dark Lord who will bring Satan to Earth.  It’s yet another stupidly complicated ritual to overthrow the natural order.  Typical Witchcraft plot.

What sets Witchcraft 13 apart is that it is full of references to the previous Witchcraft films, as if the film was actually made in an attempt to iron out all of the dropped subplots and continuity errors that had piled up over the past 18 years.  Will mentions his ex-fiancée Kelly and how she couldn’t handle him being a warlock.  He talks about Detectives Garner and Lutz and finally clears up how Lutz went from being male in one film to female in another.  (It turns out that Lucy Lutz was the sister of the original Detective Lutz.)  He even mentions that he previously battled a temptress named Delores.  That was all the way back in the second movie!  One thing that Will does not clear up is why everyone forgot that he was dead in Witchcraft IX but it’s still better than nothing.

Witchcraft XIII clears up so many loose ends that it seems like it was designed to be the final chapter in the Witchcraft franchise.  It would not have been a bad one to go out on.  It’s better acted than the average Witchcraft movie, the story makes a little bit of sense, and Will finally seems to be ready to accept who he is.  That doesn’t mean that Witchcraft XIII is a great movie, of course.  It’s basically just something that someone shot on a camcorder for next to no money.  But as far as Witchcraft movies go, it’s one of the better ones.

For the longest time, this was the final chapter.  However, in 2016, three more Witchcraft films would finally be released.

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