Here’s The Trailer For Come Play!

It’s weird how many Community stars keep popping up in somewhat forgettable horror films.

Alison Brie was in Scream 4.  Joel McHale just did Becky and he was also in Deliver us from Evil.  Donald Glover was in The Lazarus Effect.  Has Chevy Chase done a horror film?  How about Danny Pudi?  According to Wikipedia, he appeared in a movie called Babysplitters.  I can only imagine that’s a movie about splitting babies so that would definitely count….

Anyway, Gillian Jacobs is the latest member of the study group to show up in a horror film.  I will admit that I nearly gave up on the trailer for Come Play when I heard that, “He’s autistic, dude,” line.  Even in the trailer, that felt like a clumsy piece of exposition.  But I stuck with the rest of the trailer and …. well, it’s doesn’t look too bad.  It doesn’t look too good either.  It looks like an adequate Halloween time waster, to be honest.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Come Play:

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