Here’s The Trailer For Scare Me!

The trailer for Scare Me features a man and woman staying in a cabin in the woods and attempting to scare one another.  Seriously, that’s the whole trailer.  I assume that there’s more to the movie but who knows.  Maybe that’s the whole movie, too.

Personally, I can relate.  Jeff and I played the same game the last time we were up at Mt. Nebo.  I have to admit that I get scared a bit more easily than the people in this trailer.  In fact, when I was six, I was scared to death that this barn near our house was haunted and I used to imagine seeing all sorts of things in the shadows of that barn.  And then, when I was 11, I was outside in the front yard and it suddenly occurred to me that there could be a lion or a tiger inside my house.  So, I literally sat out on the front porch until my mom came home and opened the door and showed me that there weren’t any wild animals in the living room.  So yeah, definitely, I can relate….

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Scare Me!

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