Eurocomics Spotlight : Moa Romanova’s “Goblin Girl”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Hailing as she does from Stockholm, Sweden, Moa Romanova’s name isn’t one that is particularly well-known here in the US — but I have a distinct feeling that her Fantagraphics-published debut graphic novel, Goblin Girl, is going to change all that in a hurry. Toeing a tightrope-line between pure autobio and fictionalized faux-memoir, with the distinction between which “parts” of the book are which never being explicitly delineated, this is a seamless and powerful work that navigates the always-choppy waters of mental illness with raw honesty, emotion, and a sense of authenticity so profound that it almost doesn’t even matter how much of it is derived from Romanova’s daily life or not.

That being said, she’s still clearly finding her voice as a cartoonist, at least on the artistic side of the ledger : her panel layouts, lettering, backgrounds, color choices, and caricature-ish flourishes owe a lot to…

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