Music Video of the Day: Black Friday by Stray From The Path (2014, dir by ????)

Today is Black Friday!  This is the day when, all across the United States, people storm into stores and fight each other over …. well, everything.

Every year, there’s like a hundred think pieces decrying the commercialism of Black Friday and complaining that corporations are exploiting human weakness and that it’s a sad state of affairs and blah blah blah.  Listen — I love Black Friday.  Black Friday is where you prove what your worth and show just how far you’re willing to go to make sure that everyone you love has a merry Christmas.  My sisters and I are expert Black Friday shoppers and yes, we still go out and hit the stores.  We take the risk.  We don’t hide behind online shopping.  Not on Black Friday.

So, let’s hope that the Bowman sisters can summon half as much energy this Black Friday as Stray From The Path summons up in this video.  Of course, I should point out that this song is very much against the madness of Black Friday.  It attacks “American Greed” and basically taunts those of us who hit the sales.  Well, that’s their right.  I mean, I don’t think anyone can be shocked to discover that Stray From The Path is skeptical of capitalism run amok.

(Myself, I love capitalism.  It’s fun.)

Anyway, stay safe out there and enjoy!

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