Music Video Of The Day: Kill The Lonely by Amanda Tenfjord (2019, dir by Onzonz)

To be honest, I initially assumed that this song was literally saying “Kill the Lonely” as in lonely people.  Watching the video, I assumed that the idea was that Amanda Tenfjord had been kidnapped by some sort of extremely hyperactive cult and they were brainwashing her by forcing her to take part in calisthenics.  From what I’ve read, it appears that’s how most cults get started.  Myself, I could never join a cult because the whole communal living thing would get on my nerves and I don’t think I would be able to focus enough to make much money selling trinkets on a street corner.  That may just be me.

I guess what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t want anyone to end up like Little Ice here:

However, it appears that my morbid interpretation of this song was, as usual, incorrect.  Apparently, this song is all about killing the loneliness that might be lurking within you and one way to do that is to hang out in the desert with a bunch of happy looking friends.

And I guess that could be a solution.  Personally, it wouldn’t work for me because I’m not a fan of the desert and I can only be around enthusiastic people for so long.  In my case, I would never cheer myself up by taking part in a group hug.  Instead, I’d curl up on the couch and read a true crime book while TCM played in the background.  To me, that’s how you kill any and all sadness.


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