Music Video of the Day: Hot Mess by Viktoria Liv (2019, dir by Michael Seidi and Viktoria Liv)

Hey, we’ve all been there.

One minute, you’re sitting in a hotel room and drinking from a bottle cheap wine and looking at a bunch of old, black-and-white photographs on the wall.  You’re looking and you’re thinking, “When were these photos taken?  Why are they in my hotel room?  Is that what the hotel used to look like?  Are the people in these pictures going to haunt my dreams?  Is this like The Shining?  Is Jack Torrance celebrating New Year’s in 1921?”  And then you look at your bottle of wine and you ask yourself, “Why do I have this?  I don’t even drink.  Is my life a music video?  Am I part of your dream or are you a part of mine?  Forget it, Lisa Marie, it is what it is….”

And then, the next thing you know, you’re hanging from the ceiling and you’re singing a song that sounds like it should have been the theme song for an old WB show.  It’s happened to all of us.  We’ve all been a hot mess.  We’ve all been haunted by thoughts of ghosts.  And we’ve all held a bottle of wine and used it as a microphone while singing a tragic song.

(It’s kind of like that episode of Degrassi where Craig and Ashley got the hotel room before going to Ashley’s father’s wedding.  And then Craig asked Ashley to marry him and, when she said she thought they should wait until they had at least graduated high school, he went back and destroyed the hotel room.  It was kind of scary but, because it was taking place in Toronto, everyone was really polite about it.)

This video is universal.


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