The Covers of Two-Fisted Detective Stories

Two-Fisted Detective Stories was a “true crime” magazine that was published for only two years, from 1959 to 1960.  There were a total of ten issues, which all featured the usual violent and sex-filled material that these magazines were famous for.  Though Two-Fisted Detective may not have lasted long, it is still remembered for its memorably lurid covers.  As you can see below, almost all of these covers had a few elements — cleavage, betrayal, money, and weapons — in common.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to discover any of the artists who did these covers.  Maybe someone who can answer that question will come across this post.

Here are eight covers from Two-Fisted Detective Stories:

July 1959

January 1960

June 1960

August 1960

September 1960

October 1960

November 1960

December 1960

My personal favorites are the girl power covers of July 1959, June 1960, September 1960, and November 1960.

Music Video of the Day: Take It Back by Marshmello (2017, dir by Daniel Burke)

Awwwwwwww!  What an incredibly sweet video!  Not only do we get to meet Marshmello’s family but we also see what a happy and friendly family that he comes from.  There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than meeting your significant other’s family for the first time.  When they welcome you with open arms and let you know that they accept you and that you belong, it’s such a great feeling.

As Marshmello put it:  “This video is a reminder that no matter where you’re from, there is always room for acceptance. ❤”

That’s a good message, don’t you think?  If nothing else, it’s good to see that humans and marshmallows can treat each other as equals.  This, despite the long and sordid history of humans burning them over camp fires.  I mean, if that can be forgiven then it seems like anything’s possible.

For those curious, in the real world, Marshmello is not actually a marshmallow.  Instead, he’s a DJ named Chris.  His distinctive look was inspired by Deadmau5.  As well, if you’re really into Marshmello, you can go on YouTube and watch Cooking with Marshmello.

For instance, here Marshemllo shows us how to make Friend cookies:

And here, you can watch Marshmello play Fortnite blindfolded: