Editorial: On Classic Hollywood and Historical Perspective

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TRIGGER WARNING: Tonight’s post has been cancelled so I can present the following editorial. All views expressed are mine alone. Not all of you will agree with me. If you’re too sensitive, please just keep it moving. For the rest of you, read on…  

*sigh* I shouldn’t even have to be writing this. 

The New York Yankees baseball  team have stopped playing Kate Smith’s immortal “God Bless America” at their games. Hockey’s Philadelphia Flyers have followed suit, and Philly’s Wells Fargo Arena has gone so far as to  remove a statue of Ms. Smith from the premises. Meanwhile, at Kentucky’s Bowling Green University, plans are afoot to rename the Gish Sisters Movie Theater, named after pioneering film stars Lillian and Dorothy Gish.

What’s going on here, you may well ask?

Let’s start with the venerable Kate Smith. For those of you unfamiliar, Kate Smith was a popular songstress whose…

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Trash TV Guru : “Doom Patrol” Season One, Episode Eleven – “Frances Patrol”

Trash Film Guru

Say one thing for the DC Universe original streaming series Doom Patrol : its own internal tug-of-war, no doubt the design of “showrunner” Jeremy Carver, is working. Last week, we were pulled back into the ongoing psychodrama between Timothy Dalton’s “Chief” Niles Caulder and Alan Tudyk’s wonderfully depraved Mr. Nobody, and in the newest episode, “Frances Patrol,” we’re drawn back out in a major way, our focus shifted squarely back onto the makeshift “team” of super-misfits, who find themselves either “flying solo” or in hitherto-unseen pairings.

On the going it alone front, Matt Bomer/Matthew Zuk’s Larry Trainor (is he ever really “alone,” though, given the “Negative Spirit” he shares a body with?) has made the gutsy decision to meet, like it or not, with former flame John Bowers (played in the present day by Tom Fitzpatrick, in flashback by, as always, Kyle Clements), while the makeshift duos in April…

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Trash Film Guru Vs. The Ultimate Blockbuster : “Avengers : Endgame”

Trash Film Guru

On the face of it, I’ve set myself a fool’s errand here : to review Avengers : Endgame on its own merits, completely divorced from its cultural context and all which came before it, may not even be possible. But once we get a few particulars out of the way, that’s precisely what I intend to do, those particulars being : This. Is. The. Biggest. Thing. Ever.

We’re talking the cinematic equivalent of your wedding day or the birth of your first kid — or so the Disney/Marvel marketing machine would have you believe, not that they’re necessarily wrong, depending on your own circumstances. The so-called “MCU” came into being when I was in my 30s, but I can only imagine what this must mean to people who literally grew up on this stuff. Ten years of big-budget spectacle after big-budget spectacle, all leading up to this — the

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Music Video of the Day: Morgan Page (ft. Lissie) — The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) (2008, dir by ????)

I’m a Texas girl so I guess it’s kind of inevitable that I would love this video (not to mention the song!).  I’ve spent some time in the desert though I haven’t spent as much time on the back of a horse as some members of my family.  Some of that’s because, one of the few times that I did ride a horse, we ended up running straight through a giant spider web.  Fortunately, the spider wasn’t home at the time but that still didn’t keep me from screaming all the way from Benavides to San Antonio.

I know that non-Texans tend to assume that everyone down here owns a horse and wears a cowboy hat but that’s not really true.  That said, a Texas horse is still better than every other horse in every other state of the union.