Lisa’s Week In Review: 4/1/19 — 4/7/19

This week really made me appreciate my friends, my family, and my boyfriend.  I spent most of the week feeling sick and kinda down but, when I admitted that I needed help on Friday, so many people rallied to my side that it brought tears to my mismatched eyes.

I’m feeling better now and looking forward to the rest of 2019!

Movies I Watched:

  1. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
  2. Billy Madison (1995)
  3. Bring it On (2000)
  4. The Dirt (2019)
  5. Evelyn (2002)
  6. Flash Gordon (1980)
  7. For the Love of George (2018)
  8. Happy Gilmore (1996)
  9. The Highwaymen (2019)
  10. I Nearly Married A Serial Killer (2019)
  11. Lady In The Lake (1946)
  12. The Lawnmower Man (1992)
  13. The Mummy’s Hand (1940)
  14. My Killer Client (2019)
  15. Strangers on a Train (1951)
  16. Team Foxcatcher (2016)
  17. The Terminal Man (1974)
  18. Top Gun (1986)
  19. Triple Frontier (2019)
  20. Winter’s Bone (2010)
  21. Young Adult (2011)

Televison Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1
  2. American Idol
  3. Antique Roadshow
  4. A.P. Bio
  5. Bar Rescue
  6. Barry
  7. Behind the Gates
  8. Broad City
  9. Doctor Phil
  10. Face the Truth
  11. Ghost Whisperer
  12. House Hunters
  13. House Hunters International
  14. In the Dark
  15. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  16. King of the Hill
  17. Our Planet
  18. Ozark
  19. Project Runway
  20. Selling Mega Mansions
  21. Selling Yachts
  22. South Park
  23. Superstore
  24. Survivor 38
  25. The Twilight Zone
  26. Veep
  27. What We Do In The Shadows
  28. World of Dance
  29. Young Sheldon

Books I Read:

  1. All His Jazz: The Life and Death of Bob Fosse (1990) by Martin Gottfried
  2. Fosse (2013) by Sam Wasson

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Adi Ulmansky
  2. Avril Lavigne
  3. Big Data
  4. Britney Spears
  5. Calvin Harris
  6. The Chemical Brothers
  7. CUT_
  8. DJ Judaa
  9. DJ Snake
  10. Emma Bunton
  11. Falco
  12. Flight of the Conchords
  13. Goblin
  14. Jakalope
  15. Justin Timberlake
  16. Kazaky
  17. Lindsey Stirling
  18. Loren B
  19. MARINA
  20. Master Blaster
  21. Saint Motel
  22. Swedish House Mafia
  23. Taylor Swift
  24. The White Stripes

Links From Last Week:

  1. On her photography site, Erin shared: April Is Here, In My Office, In The Front Hallway, Weeds, Trees, Chair and Table, and Call Before You Dig!
  2. Over at Horror Critic, I reviewed The Lawnmower Man!
  3. On my online dream journal, I wrote about a clown dream and a leopard dream!
  4. I reviewed the latest episode of Survivor!
  5. On my music site, I shared music from CUT_, MARINA, The White Stripes, Justin Timberlake, Emma Bunton, Britney Spears, and Master Blaster!
  6. Britney Spears says she’s taking a little ‘me time’
  7. Britney Spears enter mental health facility
  8. The Beyond (1981) to be released with four different prologues
  9. The Cats Movie Will Shrink Actors to Feline Size and Add Performance Capture Fur
  10. Sam Mendes’ WWI Drama ‘1917’ Is Reportedly Comprised Of One Long Shot
  11. Francis Ford Coppola Ready To Make ‘Megalopolis’ And Is Eyeing Cast
  12. Justice Department Warns Academy Over Potential Oscar Rule Changes Threatening Netflix
  13. DOJ Lawyers Now Want To Be Involved In The Oscar Nominations
  14. You Won’t Believe What’s Holding Up Martin Scorsese’s New Mob Flick, The Irishman
  15. You Can’t Make Up How Absurd Lori Loughlin’s First Court Appearance Was
  16. Boom!  An Autopsy of the media after the Mueller bombshell
  17. Mexican musician appears to kill himself after MeToo claim
  18. What Was The Washington Post Afraid Of?
  19. The Company Behind Fearless Girl Has Voted Against Several Gender Pay Equity Resolutions, New Study Reveals
  20. Prince Harry Calls for Fortnite Ban in th UK
  21. Fortnite: Is Prince Harry right to want game banned?
  22. The streaming age is making it easier than ever to discover great movies
  23. Fifty shades of white: the long fight against racism in romance novels

Links From The Site:

  1. I reviewed First Blood and paid tribute to Roger Corman.  I also shared music videos from Frank Stallone, Calvin Harris, Kazaky, Lindsey Stirling, Flight of the Conchords, Lindsey Stirling (again), and David Douglas!
  2. Case reviewed the 1st episode of the second season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!
  3. Erin shared the following artwork: Puck, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Psycho Circus, Shock Illustrated, Contact, Georgia Boy, and Little Al of the FBI.
  4. Doc wished everyone a weary April Fools Day!
  5. Gary reviewed Black Dragon’s Revenge, Burt Reynolds’s autobiography, and The Letter.
  6. Leonard shared the trailer for The Joker!
  7. Ryan reviewed Episode Seven of Doom Patrol, Coyote Doggirl, Father, Soft Fascinations, A Different Sky, Nick’s Rainow Pepsi Blood, Plaguers Itnl, and Jesus Freak!

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Nothing Works Your Nerves Like A “Jesusfreak”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

I’m not sure what it is about “Bible comics,” but there’s something appealing about the whole notion, even to a devout non-believer such as myself. Whether it’s the fire and brimstone of a Jack T. Chick or the scaled-down intimacy of a Chester Brown, I’m down for a sequential-art spin on the Good Book anytime.

So yeah, Joe Casey and Bejamin Marra’s new Image graphic “novel” (length-wise it’s probably generous to call it even a novellaJesusfreak was something I was intrigued by from the moment it was first announced. Both creators are hit or miss for me — Casey seems to do his best work when he’s in pure “homage mode” (Godland and Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers  both being riffs on The King, Sex reading like an answer to the question “what if Howard Chaykin did The Dark Knight Returns?), and ditto for Marra…

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Precise Chaos : Max Huffman’s “Plaguers Int’l”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

As a mass of contradictions, Max Huffman’s kickstarted, self-published comic Plaguers Int’l is — and here’s me “spoiling” the review early — wildly, perhaps even deliriously, successful. As a self-contained piece of “world-building,” though, it may be even more so.

Described by the cartoonist himself as a “North American manic feel-bad sideways world adventure comic,” that actually makes sense once you read the thing , but fair warning : the real world may not anymore by the time you’re done.

Not that it ever really did, of course, which is why the mish-mash of everything plus the kitchen sink that is this book is such a welcome reprieve from basically any kind of pre-conceived nothing you had about — I dunno, anything at all, really. Bronze Age scripting meets post-modern artistic sensibilities in a super-hero team book that’s less “piss-take” than it is loving homage but still…

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Music Video of the Day: Higher by David Douglas featuring Lenka (2015, dir by David Douglas and Gijs Wilbers)

This is another music video that suggests to me that the world is about to end so we should enjoy it while we can.  Swim.  Look at the trees.  Run down the road.  Do it all, while you can.  I know that may sound like a somewhat morbid interpretation of this video but, in my defense, I’m currently running a fever and I’m also currently doing some research on films about the end of the world for a future review series.

(Interestingly enough, people have always been obsessed with the idea of the world ending.  Since the start of time, people have been saying, “The world will end in 10 or 12 years.”  For whatever reason, everyone always seems to assume that we’ve only got a decade left.  I think that’s because 10 years sounds close enough to cause a panic but, at the same time, it’s also distant enough that people will have forgotten about the prediction by the time that it doesn’t come true.)

Anyway, this video really isn’t about the end of the world, despite what my overactive imagination might claim.  Instead, the video is more about joy and living life to its fullest.  This is good music to drive to, as long as you can afford to pay for any speeding tickets that you may get.  You honestly can’t drive slowly while listening to good music.  Good music encourages you to make use of the accelerator.

The sight of the passing trees reminds me of when I was growing up and we’d drive through Oklahoma and Arkansas and North Texas to visit family or, as was often the case, to move to a new town.  Because I tend to get car sick, I would always end up resting my head against the window and watching the trees past by.