Music Video of the Day: Icke’s Struggle by Blanck Mass (2015, dir by Alex Turvey)

Wow.  This video’s depressing.

Seriously, I love Blanck Mass.  Blanck Mass is responsible for some of my favorite writing music.  (And, by that, I mean that I often have Chernobyl playing in the background whenever I’m writing.)  Songs like this are all about creating and capturing a mood.  And really, I guess how you react to or interpret the song will probably depend on what’s going on in your life when you listen to it.  Right now, I’m giving a lot of thought to the circle of life so, when I hear this song, I think about the inevitably of death.

And then I watch this video, where is pretty much permeated with doom.  Everything is going to die, even the plants.  That’s just the cycle of life.  New things will ride to replace the old.  Sometimes, those new things aren’t going to be good things but, fortunately, they’ll eventually become old things and then die.  And they’ll be replaced by something else.  And I guess that’ll keep happening until the sun goes supernova or the Earth gets sucked into black hole or whatever it is that all the fatalists are predicting this week.  Myself, I think the world will end someday but it won’t be for at least a century or two so I’m not too worried about it.

(Of course, what would suck would be to discover that reincarnation is a real thing and, as a result, we’re all destined to continually be reborn until we all experience the end of the world firsthand.  That would be a really cruel joke on the part of the universe.  However, I do not believe in reincarnation.  I mean, I know at least half a dozen people who all claim that they were Cleopatra in a past life so they can’t all be right.  Can they?  If I did believe in reincarnation, I would say that I was probably once Edie Sedgwick.  Or maybe Clara Bow.)

Anyway, it’s all about cycle of life.  Don’t start singing that Lion King song at me, either.  I’m just stating a fact.

(Actually, it could just as well be taking a dig at the infamous David Icke.  At least, I hope it’s taking a dig.  If Benjamin Power is a follower of David Icke’s, I’m going to be depressed.)


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