Song of the Day: Chernobyl (performed by Blanck Mass)

Have you seen Ben Wheatley’s A Field In England yet?

If you haven’t, you really should.  It’s just now getting an extremely limited theatrical release here in the States, though it’s also available via video-on-demand as well.  I saw it earlier tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse (which is the greatest theater in the U.S., by the way) and I’m still working out my feelings towards it.  It appears to be a film about a criminal, an alchemist, and a group of military deserters who, during the mid-17th Century, find themselves in an English field searching for a treasure that may or may not exist, while some of them have visions that may or may not be real.

Regardless of whether you think A Field In England is brilliant or just pretentious (and I think a good argument could be made for either conclusion), everyone can agree that one of the more memorable scenes in the film is the “tent scene”.  You can watch the scene below, though it definitely loses something when taken out of context from the rest of the film.

The song playing as that unfortunate man walks out of that tent is Blanck Mass’s Chernobyl.  And it’s also today’s song of the day!

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