A Quick Look At My Favorite Film Of 2018 : “First Reformed”

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With the Oscar nominations having hit earlier the day of this writing, everybody’s talking about RomaA Star Is BornBohemian RhapsodyBlack Panther, etc. But there was a robbery committed in plain sight that seems to be going entirely unremarked-upon. I speak of the fact that writer/director Paul Schrader’s most remarkable film probably since Affliction, the criminally-underappreciated First Reformed, received precisely one nomination.

It’s in a category it could very well win, Best Original Screenplay — especially given that it won in same at the DGA Awards — but seriously : this is smart, nuanced, thought-provoking, intellectually and emotionally compelling filmmaking of the highest order, anchored by two incredibly strong central performances, pitch-perfect direction, and subtly impressive work by all and sundry behind the camera as the flick’s cinematography, musical score, editing, and production design are all in no way flashy, but essentially…

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5 responses to “A Quick Look At My Favorite Film Of 2018 : “First Reformed”

  1. I liked this movie quite a bit. It didn’t make my top 26 this year but it came very close. (I’d say it was probably something like #28 out of the 130 Oscar eligible films that I saw.) Ethan Hawke not getting a nomination for best actor is one of the few of this morning’s snubs that really upset me.


    • Yeah, that was a crock of shit. I haven’t seen all the nominated performances, but of those that I have, no one came close to what Hawke did here.


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