Music Video of the Day: Sexual Vibe by Stephen Puth (2018, dir by Ally Pankiw)

I picked this video because it reminded me of middle school, high school, and St. Monica’s Catholic School, as well.  Actually, it also reminded me of my first two years of college.  And my last two years of college, as well.  It also reminded me of my old apartment complex in Garland.  Also, it made me think of a New Year’s Eve Party that I attended in 2010.  And 2013, as well.  The 2016 and 2017 New Year’s Parties weren’t anywhere near as fun as the ones in the past, largely because everyone got political.  But, from 2001 to 2015, I attended some interesting parties.

So yeah, chalk this one up to nostalgia.

Parties are always a lot more fun in music videos.  Have you noticed that?  I think that’s because only really attractive, really cool people ever show up for music video parties.  Whereas, in real life, there’s always like that one rando who shows up and kinda brings everyone down with their presence.  It’s like that one dude who shows up at the party and no one knows who he is but he keeps standing by the fireplace and pointing at you and nodding whenever you acknowledge his stare.

Anyway, am I rambling?  Well, then you better just ignore me and….


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