I’m Forever Yours, “Everly”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Self-doubt is a crippling thing, but never has it been delineated in a manner as sensitive, as smart, as intuitive as in the pages of Angela Fanche’s latest mini-comic, Everly. This is work that comes from a deep wellspring of very personal experience, but the damn thing is : Fanche is such a singularly talented cartoonist, one so fundamentally in tune with her abilities and intentions, that she needn’t second-guess herself for so much as an instant.

Despite having a fairly robust internet presence, most of which consists of her occasionally-issued diary comics, Fanche isn’t someone I know a tremendous amount about, but a comic like this tells you as much as you need : her delicate texturing and shading, combined with deft figure work, definitely gives her art an ethereal, even wistful quality to it, but employed in service of painfully introspective subject matter such as this, well…

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What’s Cooking In The “Werewolf By Night Kitchen”?

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

I’ll give Patrick Keck credit for this much — visually speaking, he knows how to pack a hell of a lot into eight pages.

Deftly-applied rich and inky blacks that belie a woodcut influence on the one end and a DIY “ugly art” aesthetic on the other meet somewhere in the middle to congeal into a truly unique and visceral style, more defiantly “in your face” than Keck’s been in many recent works (folks who only know him from Twilight Of The Bat are gonna be floored), but beyond that, what’s offered here on the day-glo yellow pages of his most recent self-published ‘zine, Werewolf By Night Kitchen, is a decidedly mixed, if intriguing, bag. I think I have a solid grip on what Keck was hoping to achieve with this short-form work — but I’m not at all convinced he manages to pull it off.

Tell you what…

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Here’s The First Trailer for Hellboy!

I’m like really trying hard to think of something to say about the first trailer for the upcoming Hellboy film but, to be honest, it just kinda seems like almost every other super hero trailer that I’ve seen recently.  You’ve got some one liners.  You’ve got some glowering extras.  You’ve got some hints of extreme violence.  You’ve got a cheesy song playing in the background for some reason.  (Mony Mony?  Really?)  It’s like they took the trailers for Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy and they just forced Hellboy into them.

That said, I liked both Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy…..

Anyway, Hellboy will be released on April 12th, which is often not a great sign when it comes to films like this.  (An April release generally means that the studios is hoping to make a quick buck before the summer blockbusters come along.)  On the plus side, Neil Marshall’s usually a pretty good director.  So, we’ll see what happens!

Song of the Day: Miniskirt (by AOA)

AOA Miniskirt

We may be seeing a pattern now when it comes to the K-Pop Edition of the Song of the Day feature. While K-Pop has been typically known for the cutesy and bubblegum pop that has made them a worldwide sensation, it’s worth noting that K-Pop girl groups have been expressing their sexier and more mature side.

This side of the K-Pop scene has it’s own followers and fans just as the high-energy and cute side has it’s legions. I will even suggest that some contributors to this site have a personal preference for the latter. I, for one, prefer the sexier, sultry side of K-Pop though I’m not averse for some sugar-high once in awhile.

The group AOA, consisting of 8 members (Choa, Jimin, Chanmi, Youkyung, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun and Mina), and their 2016 release, “Miniskirt,” is today’s latest Song of the Day. It’s a good combination of sexiness and enough uptempo to the song’s melody that it should appeal to the dancepop crowd. While it doesn’t have that bubblegum pop energy it showcases a much more flirtatious mood with the theme of high-heels and thigh-high stockings.

Even my fellow co-founder, who is probably learning about K-Pop through these K-Pop postings, will enjoy this song and video if just for the sultry dance choreography, the fashion and, most especially, the surprise star of the video who appears in the end.

Music Video of the Day: Circus by Britney Spears (2008, dir by Francis Lawrence)

“There’s two types of persons in the world.  The ones that entertain and the ones that observe.”

Ten years ago, this song helped me get through the most difficult December of my life and, for that reason, it is today’s music video of the day.

To be honest, despite the fact that this is one of my favorite Britney songs, I nearly didn’t pick Circus for music video of the day because the song was co-written and produced by the infamous Dr. Luke.  But you know what?  The song may have been written by him but Britney makes it her own and this video isn’t about him.  Instead, it’s about the circus that is everyone’s life.  When Britney emerges in control, it’s a reminder that we all have it in us to put on the top hat and take control of the circus.  It’s a slightly silly video but that’s what makes it so great. It’s a fun video and Britney appears to be happy, which was a huge relief back in 2008.

This video was directed by Francis Lawrence, who is today best known for directing all of the Hunger Games film, with the exception of the first one.  He also directed Red Sparrow but we’ll forgive him for that.  (Speaking of circuses, he also directed Water For Elephants.)