Horror Scenes That I Love: Trish Van Devere Explores The House In The Changeling

Since it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, it seems appropriate that today’s horror scene that I love should come from one of the best Canadian horror films of all time and….


No, it’s not the disco scene from Prom Night!  Anyway, I’ve already shared that scene like a thousand times….

No, this scene is from the 1980 film, The Changeling.  Directed by Peter Medak, the film is about a house that’s haunted by the spirit of a boy who was murdered there decades ago.  When George C. Scott moves into the house, he discovers the truth about not just the murder but the political conspiracy that led to it.  It’s a really good movie.  You should watch it.

Anyway, in this atmospheric scene, Trish Van Devere explores the house.  It’s always a bit strange to watch a horror scene devoid of context but let me just say that The Changeling is such an atmopsheric and intense ghost film that you’ll never want to wander around a potentially haunted house again once you’ve seen it!

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