Horror on the Lens: Monster A Go Go (dir by Bill Rebane and Herschell Gordon Lewis)

Can you figure out what’s going in today’s horror on the lens, the 1965 film Monster A Go Go?

This sci-fi/horror hybrid details what happens when an astronaut lands on Earth and promptly disappears.  Much like The Creeping Terror, this film makes frequent use of a narrator.  I always appreciate it when movies like this come with a narrator.

Anyway, Monster A Go Go was reportedly started by Bill Rebane in 1961.  When he ran out of money, the film sat unfinished for four years.  That’s when Herschell Gordon Lewis bought the film, added some additional scenes, and then released it on a double bill with one of his own films.  Hence, if Monster A Go Go seems like two different movies crammed together … well, that’s pretty much what it is.

Along with its interesting production history, Monster A Go Go is also well-remembered for its amazingly nonsensical ending.  I imagine that this film led to a few drive-in riots.


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