Music Video of the Day: Halloween by Glass Candy (2016, dir. René & Radka)

Remember that video yesterday for this song by the same group? It was reminiscent of something like Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. It looked like it could have been put together with grindhouse trailers, but was probably all original footage. It would have quick flashes of things that could be weird or unsettling. It didn’t completely work. Still, it was quite good. This video is none of those things.

In 2016, Glass Candy reworked the song Halloween–cutting about a minute from it–and released it with a new video. That video is a little girl played by Isla Ferrier trying to act creepy while the directors…they certainly are shooting short videos that would do well in a fashion or photography book as static photos. Kind of like what photographers René & Radka actually do. You can go over to their website and see some of their work. It all looks perfectly serviceable for glamour shots. It’s the kind of stuff you’d expect to see in a magazine or as someone’s main IMDb photo. I guess i’m saying it all starts to blend together and is a bit bland to me. It doesn’t automatically translate to shooting a short film. A couple of their other videos do look better even if they are along similar lines.

The closest this video gets to something creepy is the following shot:

Close, but no cigar. That’s because of two problems:

  1. It’s the kind of shot you’d flash to without calling attention to it or have in the background to set an uncomfortable atmosphere. This video lingers on it and makes it the entire thing. Then it also cuts to a close up shot just in case you didn’t see it. It gives us time to get over it and let our mind wander.
  2. It comes in at 1:13 into the video. We have already spent a fair amount of time with her. We’re comfortable with her being there. She’s not this disturbing little girl that we see the for the first and only time. That could leave us wondering who or what that is. Here, she’s a little girl playing around trying to look scary. I don’t think that’s what they were going for with this video.

The part of the video that I have the hardest time with is when she is playing with the webs.

I think, “Mommy, I look scary, right?”

Both of those images on their own probably look just fine. That’s the problem. It doesn’t look like a short film. It looks like a series of behind-the-scenes videos of photography shoots strung together with the song playing in the background. Something like that can work. Check out What If I Go? by Mura Masa. I just don’t think it works here.

It’s not an awful video. It’s a video that didn’t need to exist. I also think that René & Radka need to look more with the eyes of a filmmaker than a photographer. They’re related. They’re not the same.

Regardless, enjoy!

One response to “Music Video of the Day: Halloween by Glass Candy (2016, dir. René & Radka)

  1. I love Glass Candy, but that song I did not. As for the video I will agree that it is nothing but a series of shots. They are well set up shots and I think these two have a career in production design.

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