Music Video of the Day: A Witch’s Invitation by Carman (1993, dir. ???)

I may disagree with Carman’s politics, but it wouldn’t be October without one of his videos. At least so long as one of them applies.

The last time we left Carman, he sent Old Hollywood movie monsters back into his television with the power of Jesus. Before that, he took up vigilantism to clear out a saloon full of demons and Satan himself. One of which was alcoholism that he took down by breaking a bottle over its head. This time Carman accepts a witch’s invitation–as the title says.

While watching this, I like to replace Carman’s inner monologue because of how over the top the warlock is in this video.

He had a Ouija board and Dungeons & Dragons manuals sitting around his house. They got me thinking this guy was a poser who just watched shows like Deception Of A Generation and Doorways To Danger, and was messing with me. But I decided to humor him.

He told me that he was paid to curse someone with AIDS by his aunt. However, people don’t die suddenly of AIDS like it’s a heart attack or something. Plus, the article was about a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing.

Then he flashed the Italian hand-sign to give or ward off the evil eye like it was supposed to be intimidating or something. I thought about mentioning that my last name is Licciardello. I didn’t, though. I just knew that at this point I was done with this guy.

So I got all up in his face like I was I really offended by him.

I laid into him really thick with this story of Slimer-like ghosts that would visit him in his old age and drag him to Hell.

His bird exploded for some reason. I’m still not sure what that was about. Regardless, I made my dramatic exit.

You can go on and on with this video. I especially love the house that is a “Nightmare On Elm St. Special.” I’ll have to add that one alongside a TARDIS House.

If you want to find out about why the bird exploded, then hopefully the version with commentary by Carman and the director is still posted below. The two of them make of fun of the video well-enough without my help.

If you take nothing else away from this video, it’s that you probably shouldn’t drink something that is boiling–handed to you by a stranger or not.

And you’re in real trouble if you get this nervous while sitting in a Santa Claus chair.


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