Music Video of the Day: Pet Sematary by THE HORRORTOUR Project (2013, dir. Alessandro Benna & Pupi Oggiano)

This is the last Pet Sematary video. I promise! It’s a good one to go out on.

Okay, the best I can tell here is that there is a special tour that is held in Torino, Italy from time to time that takes people on tours of locations that were used in Dario Argento films, or Dario Silver if you run his name through Google Translate. I guess this was commissioned for that tour by a group that might have only existed for a couple of videos. The former lead-singer of T3CHN0PH0B1A, H.J. Mazend sings lead vocals. They also appear to have covered Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics in 2014.

While I don’t particularly care for the cover version, I do like the video since it remembers that jokes and references made up Pet Sematary II: The Quickening.

I see that Bruce Campbell’s girlfriend’s hand is there along with Ghostface and Jason (bottom left).

Sid Vicious. A reference to the fact that he apparently strangled cats. There’s all kinds of stories about him. Why he is shown as being born in 1960 and dying in 1987 is beyond me. Although, the picture on the gravestone isn’t. You can watch the video to see that.

I think this might be a reference to Priscilla Presley. It would fit since Presley’s death was a breaking point between generations. According to The New York Times, in 1979, Priscilla was at a turning point when Elvis’ father Vernon passed away. The estate was in jeopardy because it cost so much to maintain everything, but their was no Elvis to go out and do a new tour or make a movie. She reflected upon that in the 1989 article I linked to above.

In 1979, the Ramones made their feature film debut in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, and in 1989, they did the song for Pet Sematary. After that, it looks like things went downhill for the Ramones over the next seven years till they broke up in 1996.

That’s my best guess as to the meaning behind these dates–Elvis having rising from his grave as the Ramones were beginning to die off.

It would explain the final scene where we see a guy that has come back from the dead pick up the woman mourning at Priscilla’s grave and caring her away.


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