Music Video of the Day: Dracula’s Tango (Sucker For Your Love) by Toto Coelo/Total Coelo (1982, dir. ???)

To my knowledge, this is the last Toto Coelo video out there. I can’t imagine why this song didn’t do as well as I Eat Cannibals and Milk From The Coconut. Some of these lyrics are priceless:

‘Cause your castle is a nightmare
You’ve got batty friends who live there
Oh please, just squeeze
I go insane don’t tap my windowpane


Got to get my teeth in you
Necking is the thing to do
Even though they never know it
Positive or not

You and I coagulate
Vitalize a dying rate
Vladimir my dear
You know I’m after every drop

Get into a different vein
R.I.P is all the same
I was bitten now I’m trying

You’re the coffin I’m the key
We tune up in harmony
I’ll do anything for you
Except for mania

Then you have the video. I love this video. There’s something goofy in almost every shot.

They also make sure to pound it into your head that the song has something to do with sex. It’s a little difficult to miss that when you watch the video.

The dance isn’t the best part, but it’s pretty great. You can find numerous videos of people doing their own dance to the song:

They even performed this live for the German TV Show WWF Club:

Something tells me this song is what people think the Twilight films are until they’re unfortunate enough to sit through them.

I have terrible taste. Enjoy!

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