TV Review: The Walking Dead 7.12 “Say Yes” (dir by Greg Nicotero)


Early on, during tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, I saw Rick smiling and I thought to myself, “Oh, shit…”

See, it’s a general rule that, whenever Rick’s happy, something terrible is about to happen.  Rick is not allowed to be happy.  Remember what happened when he was happy about being reunited with his wife, son, and best friend Shane?  Remember what happened when he thought he could make a new life as a pig farmer?  Nothing good is allowed to happen to Rick.

So, when it briefly appeared that Rick might be dead towards the end of the episode, I thought he very well might be.  I have to admit that I was kind of excited about the idea.  Who would step up to take Rick’s place?  (Daryl.)  Who would Michonne love without Rick around? (Daryl.)  Who would Carl look up to if Rick was dead?  (Daryl’s the obvious answer but knowing Carl, he’d probably run off and ask Negan to adopt him.)  And I have to admit that, as a reviewer, I was looking forward to not only writing about the impact of Rick’s death but also seeing all the extra hits that my post would get.  I’ll admit it, I’m not that innocent.

Of course, then Rick suddenly emerged from hiding and started killing walkers.  He even got to do a badass slow motion weapon toss to Michonne.  Eventually, if The Walking Dead is to have any integrity, Rick and every other major character, no matter how popular or important, is going to have to die.  But tonight was not that night.

(Of course, next week’s season finale episode is called “Bury Me Here,” so it sounds like someone will be leaving us…)

Tonight’s episode was almost totally devoted to Rick and Michonne and, after all the darkness of the past few episodes, it was nice to see them actually enjoying themselves.  As much as I dread seeing Rick smile, I kind of enjoy it too.  Since Rick tends to carry the weight of the world on his soldiers, it was nice to see that he actually can get some sort of pleasure out of his violent existence.  The fighting, smiling, and lustful Rick that we saw tonight was a nice change from the neutered and whiny Rick who we had to deal with during the first half of the season.  This is the Rick that we want to see!

(On twitter, I suggested that another reason why Rick was so happy was because, for once, he didn’t have to deal with one-eyed Carl standing in the background and making him feel guilty.  Some people apparently did not appreciate my theory, which leads me to wonder when we all suddenly decided that we liked Carl again.)

Tonight, Rick and Michonne were not the only people looking for guns.  Rosita also went searching  but could only find one cap gun and a walker with a double chin.  Father Gabriel, of course, used this as an excuse to lecture her about hate and violence but you know what?  Shut up, Father Gabriel.  How and why are you even still alive at this point?  I don’t blame Rosita for being mad and I don’t blame her for wanting to take action.  And if Rosita’s plan to kill Negan is running the risk of ruining Rick’s plans — well, that’s probably a good thing.  Rick’s plans never work.  Ask Herschel how well Rick’s plans work.  Ask Glenn.  Ask Abraham.

(Checking on twitter, I see that I’m kind of alone as far as my sympathy for Rosita is concerned.  It’s interesting how the people who are continually upset when Daryl doesn’t automatically kill everyone that he meets are apparently the same people upset about Rosita having “an attitude.”  Whatever, people.)

Anyway, this was a pretty good episode.  As much as I may bitch about Rick as a leader, I was happy to see him actually get a chance to enjoy himself without the world automatically ending.  Michonne, who has been underused lately, finally got a chance to remind the viewers of what a badass she truly is.  The moment when she thought Rick was dead was a moment of great acting from Danai Gurira.

As for next week’s episode, it’s getting close to the season finale!  Who will live?  Who will die?  (Eugene, probably.  And, hopefully, sanctimonious Father Gabriel.)  We’ll find out next week!

(CORRECTION: Due to my notoriously short attention span, an earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that next week was the season finale.  I apologize for the error. — LMB)

8 responses to “TV Review: The Walking Dead 7.12 “Say Yes” (dir by Greg Nicotero)

  1. Season Finale next week? I had no idea. I figured since this was episode 12.. that we had 4 more to go to make the usual 16. But if it is season finale… I’m good with that. Usually something exciting happens on season finale… mid-season finale… season premiere.. and mid season premiere. Then they fill the other 12 episodes with……. well.. filler.

    I do enjoy reading your reviews even when I don’t particularly enjoy the episode. So at least there’s that! And as far as watching things I’m not enjoying.. I take full responsibility for that. I have convinced myself that I need to see this Negan thing resolved… then can maybe think about giving up the show??

    Note to self – In a zombie apocalypse world with no building upkeep… stay on the outer edge of the roof of a building if I must go on it. You know… where all the support is! LOL. AND… if there is a lake on the roof.. that is probably the weakest point… steer clear!

    Note to self – If I see one opening in a fence full of zombies. Leave that open!! …make some noise outside… and let them funnel themselves into my axe or sword. However, if I do mistakenly decide to block that opening with an abandoned car…. jump out of said car as soon as I realize the breaks don’t work… before it rolls into a horde. And if I’m pushing that car… don’t jump into the trunk after being informed the breaks are out.

    I know I know… it’s Hollywood. Gotta have people doing stupid stuff to create drama. Never for a second did I think the zombies were eating Rick. I might have bought it for a second…. if that deer hadn’t been right there before he fell. And even then, they can’t kill off Rick at least until the final season if not the final episode… like ….. Spoiler Alert …….. Walter White.

    Interested to see Carol in the next episode. And interested to see Rosita’s mission to kill Negan. If it was a male character going after Negan… it would be predictable. Full of blunders and maybe a date with Lucille. But since it’s Rosita, I suspect more thought will be put into it.


      • Ok… cool. And I did look at my listings after reading here… it does show a new episode in 2 weeks… but oddly enough, it doesn’t give me a title. Just says “Walking Dead”

        “The Saviors visit Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone, with plans of taking more than supplies”

        That is the description for 2 weeks from now…. but I thought you could be right… because I feel I’ve already seen that episode description… even though it says “New”

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        • Yeah, that does sound a lot like one of the episodes from the first half of the season. If it is new, I guess that means that the Saviors are going to survive next week. I was hoping that next week’s episode would finally involve an all-out assault on Sanctuary. Oh well! 🙂

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          • I seem to remember reading something about JDM talking about playing Negan into next season. So I doubt anything will get resolved this season. Of course I did think it could be a ruse.

            If I had to bet.. I’d bet the next 4 episodes will just be a build up to the battle. And maybe the finale will be the start of the battle…. leaving us hanging and wanting more…… until October.
            Reeling me in yet again

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