Horror on the Lens: Robot Monster (dir by Phil Tucker)

Hi there and welcome to October!  This is our favorite time of the year here at the Shattered Lens because October is horror month.  For the past three years, we have celebrated every October by reviewing and showing some of our favorite horror movies, shows, books, and music.  That’s a tradition that I’m looking forward to helping to continue this year.

Let’s start things off by watching the 1953 sci-fi “classic,” Robot Monster!

Yes, Robot Monster is the movie where a gorilla wearing a diving helmet terrorizes that last surviving humans on Earth.  It also features some oddly placed dinosaur stock footage.  But, that being said … Robot Monster is a lot of fun.  There are few movies that have truly earned the “so bad that it’s good” label and Robot Monster is one of them.

Add to that, watching Robot Monster in October is kinda of a tradition in these parts!


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