Let’s Talk About Ice Sharks!


Climate change is a bitch!

And so are sharks!

Those are the two main things that I took away from watching Ice Sharks, which premiered on the SyFy channel on Tuesday.

Ice Sharks take place in the Arctic circle.  A group of scientists have set up Oasis base so that they can observe what climate change is doing to the arctic sea life.  The water’s getting warmer and, as a result, the ecosystem is changing.  Greenland sharks are no longer content to just hang out around Greenland.  Now, suddenly, they’re showing up in Antarctica and guess what?  They have the ability to not only jump through ice but also to use their dorsal fins to saw through glaciers…

Well, you can probably guess what happens.

First, it’s just sled dog after sled dog getting eaten.  Then it’s an Eskimo who is so thoroughly eaten that only a bloody fingernail is found lodged in the ice.  Next thing you know, a scientist makes the mistakes of investigating the world outside of Oasis and a shark ends up biting off his leg.  The scientist lies on the ice and briefly attempts to tie a tourniquet around his bloody leg stump.  It doesn’t do him much good.

One thing about Greenland sharks — they’re mean but they’re also surprisingly intelligent.  As soon as they come across Oasis station, they use their dorsal fins to saw through the ice.  Soon, Oasis is sinking to the bottom of the ocean with the surviving scientists inside.

And, as our surviving (and fortunately, physically attractive) scientists try to figure out how they are going to survive, the sharks are outside, banging against the station walls…

Ice Sharks is a surprisingly dark little movie.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s an Asylum film so, of course, Ice Sharks has an appropriately macabre sense of humor.  But, especially when compared to Sharknado 3, Ice Sharks is rather grim.  Director Emile Edwin Smith does a good job of creating and maintaining a claustrophobic atmosphere inside the sunken Oasis station.  And when the sharks attack, it’s never pretty.  Greenland sharks apparently do not share the charm of their home.

Ice Sharks was a grimly effective little creature rampage film.  Personally, I will never look at Greenland the same way again.


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