Music Video of the Day: (Keep Feeling) Fascination by The Human League (1983, dir. Steve Barron)

Two years before he directed a-ha’s Take on Me, Steve Barron directed this very simple music video for The Human League. He has a huge filmography when it comes to music videos from the late 1970s through the 1980s. We’ll see him again. He also directed some features such as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) and Coneheads (1993).

He did this video with it’s single color room, single color clothes, and single color outside that reminds one of conformity. It’s also a place that is located on a map, or a starting place or turning point for your life. I like how the lyrics of the song, and of course the gender non-conformity of Philip Oakey, contrast with the appearance of the room and the band. I don’t know about you, but I look at this video and can see this room transform into the pencil drawn one from Take on Me.

Oakey was known to even dress in matching outfits with female members of the band back then. He isn’t transgender or anything like that. He was just gender non-conforming.

The area you see as being orange was actually painted that way shortly before the house was demolished. The band’s scenes were filmed in a studio, which you can spot as the camera goes through the window. There is a tiny little bit that is easy to miss with the orange. Outside the house there are a couple of kids playing with a soccer ball. When one of the kids retrieves it from the orange outside of the house, his clothes suddenly change color to match.

This is another song that I discovered courtesy of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack.

4 responses to “Music Video of the Day: (Keep Feeling) Fascination by The Human League (1983, dir. Steve Barron)

    • I haven’t heard either of those songs, but I have enjoyed the ones I have heard. My exposure to The Human League is quite limited. However, there is a music video for The Mirror Man, so I will get to that eventually.

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  2. steve barron was an awesome director in the 80s

    i was born in mid 80s but i know all of his videos because they were played on MTV GREATEST HITS in the early 90s

    he also directed DONT YOU WANT ME BABY for HUMAN LEAGUE and MICHAEL JACKSON was impressed by the video in order to hire him for BILLIE JEAN

    interesting fact


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