Music Video of the Day: Foolish Beat by Debbie Gibson (1988, dir. Nick Willing)

I did a Tiffany music video yesterday, so of course today had to be Debbie.

I don’t think anyone needs the importance of Debbie Gibson explained to them at this point. At least I hope they don’t. I do love what the host said at MTV’s 20th Anniversary in 2001 after they played a message from Gibson. He said that in about 10 years or so it will be a message from Britney Spears.

Debbie Gibson must have really liked black and white cause this is at least the third one of her videos that used it. It is just one of several ways they capture the isolation the person in the song is going through. We have the disconnection of random stock footage shots of the city. A guy standing on a peer. Her performing at a small nightclub type place. The separation of Gibson in the present from her happy times via partial use of color. The mirror that only reflects your own face and what is behind your eyes. A blood tinted dinner break-up. It all ties the song together visually.

It is one of my favorite Gibson music videos and songs. It isn’t likely a solo female singer could get away with wearing that many clothes today in their music videos. That, and the turquoise hair bow. I’m a sucker for Debbie Gibson, so you’ll likely see every video she ever did on here eventually.

I am also aware that today is Bastille Day. That’s why I have included a bonus performance below of Bastille Day by Rush.

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