Cleaning Out The DVR, Again #40: The Wrong Child (dir by David DeCoteau)

(Lisa is currently in the process of trying to clean out her DVR by watching and reviewing all 40 of the movies that she recorded from the start of March to the end of June.  She’s trying to get it all done by the end of July 11th!  Will she make it!?  Well, I guess she did since this is the 40th review!!!  YAY!)

The Wrong Child

Finally, we have reached the end.  Two and a half weeks ago, I started the process of reviewing all forty of the films that I recorded between the start of March and the end of June.  It hasn’t always been easy, within the two and a half week time frame that I set for myself, to watch and review all of these films but I’ve managed to do it.  As soon as I publish the review that you’re reading right now, I will be able to say that I have officially cleaned out my DVR.

So, what was the final film waiting to be watched on my DVR?  It was The Wrong Child, which originally aired on June 26th on the Lifetime channel.

In The Wrong Child, Vivica A. Fox plays Renee.  Like many Lifetime heroines, Renee would appear to have it all.  She has money, glamour, a teenage daughter, and a tragic backstory.  (Her first husband was killed several years ago in a traffic accident.)  She also has a wonderful house, which regular Lifetime viewers might recognize as being the same house from The Wrong Roommate.  She has recently remarried.  Her new husband is Charles (Gary Daniels), an architect who may or may not have a few secrets of his own lurking in the past.

One day, Andrew (Robbie Davidson) shows up at the house.  Andrew is a handsome and apparently normal teenager.  He explains that his mother has recently died of stomach cancer but, before she passed, she informed him that Charles is his father.  Charles is skeptical but Renee and her daughter welcome Andrew into the family.

Of course, it turns out that Charles was correct to be suspicious.  Andrew is a sociopath, the type of guy who takes pictures of strangers while they’re out jogging and who also is totally willing to murder anyone who might have any evidence that his name is not actually Andrew.  Andrew may be crazy but he has a very specific reason for tracking down Charles and his new family.

The Wrong Child is a pretty standard Lifetime B-movie but director David DeCoteau always brings a certain flair to even the most predictable of thrillers.  You know that Andrew is crazy as soon as you see him but Robbie Davidson still gives a really good and rather chilling performance.

Add to that, there’s the house!  I loved the house when it appeared in The Wrong Roommate and I loved it even more in The Wrong Child.  Here’s hoping that the house appears in another wrong film soon!


Well, that’s it!  Two and a half week and 40 movies later, I have now officially cleaned out my DVR!  Now, I can get to work on filling it up again!

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