Music Video of the Day: Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam (1998, dir. Kevin Altieri & Todd McFarlane)

You may or may not remember that for a while there Pearl Jam stopped making music videos. I don’t recall off the top of my head if they refused to be in them, or had a blanket ban on having them made using their music. I have to imagine that they totally stopped. I say that they probably stopped entirely because of a famous band from the 80s and several of their videos that they made, but refused to be in themselves. Luckily, Eddie Vedder came to his senses by at least 2002 and went back to appearing in music videos. I’m guessing he was as sick of all those Vedder sound-a-likes that were commonplace in the late 1990s and early 2000s as I was. Before Pearl Jam returned, we got this gloriously dark animated music video taking us through the worst of human history with some of that late-90s Internet paranoia. It was put together by famous animators Kevin Altieri and Todd McFarlane.

I’m pretty sure the video speaks for itself, except for one thing that I want to point out. The VR guy at the end sure made me think of the Internet detective from the first episode of the short-lived Ralph Bakshi show Spicy City.

Spicy City (1997)

Spicy City (1997)

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