Scenes That I Love: The Frisbee Scene From Hard Ticket To Hawaii

Earlier today, since I’m off work for the week, I went down to the Alamo Drafthouse and I saw The Purge: Election Day. 

The Alamo always shows old film clips and trailers before the main feature and seriously, it’s the best pre-show in town.  That’s why you should always arrive 30 minutes before your film starts!  Unfortunately, I was running late so I arrived with only five minutes to spare.

So, I only got to see one film clip before the movie but what a clip!  I watched this clip and I laughed so hard that I knew that I simply had to share it with our readers here on the Shattered Lens.  Here it is: the frisbee scene from Hard Ticket To Hawaii.

From now on, whenever a stranger yells out that I have a nice ass, I’m going to look over my shoulder at them, smile, and say, “So do you, pilgrim!”

(For the record, I have never seen Hard Ticket To Hawaii and I tracked down this scene by going to YouTube and doing a search for “frisbee scene.”  That said, I have since learned that it’s an Andy Sidaris film and I’m pretty sure that Arleigh has mentioned being an Andy Sidaris fan.)


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