Cleaning Out The DVR: Wish Upon A Christmas (dir by Terry Ingram)


After finishing up with A Gift-Wrapped Christmas, it was time to move onto the final Lifetime Christmas film on my DVR, Wish Upon A Christmas.  Wish Upon A Christmas premiered on December 13th and, much like Becoming Santa, The Flight Before Christmas, and Last Chance For Christmas, it features Santa as a matchmaker.

Well, maybe it does.  Though he has the beard and the jolly attitude, the film is somewhat ambiguous as to whether or not Mr. Tomte (Kevin McNulty) is actually Santa Claus or not.  The facts certainly suggests that he may be.  Before Mr. Tomte shows up in town, Danny (Dylan Kingwell) does make a wish that Santa could bring his single father, Jesse (Aaron Ashmore), a girlfriend.  And then, one night, a bright light flashes in the sky and there’s an explosion in the distance as something crashes to the ground.  Was it a meteorite or was it Santa’s sleigh?  Who can say?  But Danny does come across a silver bauble that Mr. Tomte is somewhat desperately searching for.  Is it just a family heirloom and or is it, as Danny suspects, filled with the magic that allows Mr. Tomte to fly his sleigh?

Meanwhile, Jesse is the much beloved owner of a company that makes hand-crafted ornaments.  He inherited the business from his parents and Jesse is a big believer in tradition.  Despite the fact that it’s cutting into profits, he insists that every ornament be hand-made and that his workers take their time to make each one perfect.  His workers are so happy that they even hum Christmas carols while they’re working.

Unfortunately, the big mean corporate world does not understand what makes Jesse’s business so special.  They send efficiency expert Amelia (Larisa Oleynik) to inspect the company and make some recommendations.  Much like George Clooney in Up In the Air, Amelia makes her living by firing people and convincing them that it’s for their own good.  However, as soon as Amelia arrives in town, she finds it difficult to do her job.  For one thing, she grew up in the town and she’s always had a crush on Jesse.  Secondly, it turns out that she’s not as cold-hearted as she believes.

So, will Amelia fire everyone at the factory?  Or will Danny’s wish come true?

Well, you already know the answer.  This is a Lifetime Christmas movie and there’s nothing really surprising about it.  However — and yes, I do realize that this has become a reoccurring theme when it comes to my Lifetime Christmas movie reviews — Wish Upon A Christmas is such a sweet and good-intentioned film that it would really be silly to be overly critical of it.  You know what you’re getting when you watch a Christmas movie on Lifetime and Wish Upon A Christmas delivers.

Add to that, Kevin McNulty makes for a very likable Santa.  Next year, he should co-star in a movie with The Flight Before Christmas‘s Brian Doyle-Murray in which they play the competing Santa brothers.  It’ll be fun!

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