#LateNightMovie review: “The Creeping Terror”

This week for #LateNightMovie we watched ‘The Creeping Terror’ and there are several things I want to say about this movie, but I will get to those soon!

From the start tho, Tammy, this was a great movie for us! Awesome pick! I never doubt the movies you pick for us, and this was another amazingly (horrible) one! 😉


Vic Savage (as A.J. Nelson)


Vic Savage, Robert Sillphant*


Vic Savage as Martin Gordon

Shannon O’Neil as Brett Gordon


After escaping from a crashed space ship, a snail like creature terrorizes all humanity! And all humanity snail squishing follows.


Okay, many of us retro sci-fi geeks regard this as one of the worst films ever (as pointed out by the quips below). And there have been many reviews done about how bad this movie is. So I won’t take my review in that direction. What I will do is point out all of the nepotism in the movie.

First, Vic Savage! Let’s just all giggle and get over that, AJ!

Second, most likely, Robert didn’t write this movie; His brothers Allan and Sterling did. From all the records, it looks like Robert had very little to do with the writing, but is credited anyway.

It is not consequential how the movie got made, but better the fact that we had a great movie to watch!

And obviously the #LateNightMovie gang had fun!

In Spirographvision

We all had our goggles on for that, Kelly!
This movie is exquisitely excrementlike, but I adore it

SFX Guy: Okay, here’s what we’ll do. You grab that part of the creature from the last movie we did, and I’ll just sew a couple of rugs on the back of it

Nothing this big???? Poor dear…

Sadly, yep! 😦

like no one had driven on the road before them

special unit last night was much better

Wait for the comments, Jinni!

Is this a Japanese movie?

That narrator is so handy. Saves so much time having to write pesky dialogue and stuff…

we should DUB our own dialogue into one of these for fun

I thought that is what we did each week at LNM, Myke! LOL

never pick the baby up, children are toxic

It’s the IKEA carpet that ate Cleveland

the monster isn’t attracted to hootenannies

So these people are 1) incredibly stupid 2) deaf and 3) have NO peripheral vision

But at the end of filming, they rolled up the carpet, lit it on fire, and got really high so there was that.

this is like a pre-roomba, everything getting swept under the rug
no words

Well you did have words Kelly, And I will give you to them!

Kelly said it best!

REPORT: Identified human weaknesses: 1) They stand still when frightened. 2) They stand still when their dancing is interrupted 3) Some are SUPER fat 4) They can easily be tricked into crawling

If you want to see what all the LNM fun is about, here is a link to The Creeping Terror!



Thank you Warren, Pinky, Phil, Lisa, Myrna, Kapt Kurt, Kelly, Jes, Jinni, Holly, Myke and Ambie for watching #LateNightMovie with me!

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