Scenes that I Love: Anna Chlumsky has a meltdown on Veep

Like our intrepid TV correspondent, Patrick Smith, I also watched the Emmy Awards last night.  There were bits of the show that I liked and there was a lot about the show that I didn’t care for.  I felt that Andy Samberg fell flat as host.  I thought that a lot of the acceptance speeches were so dull that I considered them to be a personal attack on anyone watching.  (I’m looking in your direction, Lisa Cholodenko.)  The political posturing felt shallow, as it often does at the Emmy awards.

(Even the political speeches that did work often seemed like they were being wasted on a crowd that has no concept of self-awareness.  Viola Davis made a passionate, timely, and articulate plea for diversity but it’s hard not to feel that, even though all the white liberals in the room patted themselves on the back for listening to her and applauding, that’s probably all that they’re going to do.)

And yet I was happy because Veep — my absolute favorite show — finally won for Best Comedy!  I love Veep because it’s a show where everyone in politics — regardless of party or ideology — is revealed to be either a terrible human being or totally and completely ineffectual.  Julia Lous-Dreyfus won the Emmy for Best Comedy Actress while Tony Hale picked up his second consecutive supporting award.

The only disappointment in Veep‘s victory?  Anna Chlumsky did not win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.  This season of Veep was truly Chlumsky’s season!  The scene below — which is today’s scene that I love — shows Chlumsky at her absolute best.  In this scene, Chlumsky’s Amy Brookhiemer finally reaches her breaking point as she realizes that her boss, President Selina Meyer (Louis-Dreyfus), essentially stands for nothing.

Even though most of us will never work for or even know a President, I think we can all relate to Amy’s feelings.  And, seriously — who hasn’t wanted to tell someone off as beautifully as Amy does here?

For this scene alone, Anna Chlumsky deserves all the awards in the world!

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