Here’s The Trailer For The Danish Girl!

Here’s the trailer for The Danish Girl, a film that everyone is expecting to be a major Oscar contender.

They’re saying that Eddie Redmayne might be the first actor since Tom Hanks to win two consecutive awards for best actor.

(By they, of course, I mean my next door neighbor and the cashier who took my money at Victoria’s Secret this weekend.  Seriously, they are Oscar crazy!)

Plus, Alicia Vikander is in it.  She’s in like a 100 films this year.  (You may have seen her in Ex Machina and if you didn’t, you missed a great film.)  She will definitely be nominated for something.  It’s just a question of what.  If The Danish Girl is a big Oscar contender, it could very will be the film that gets her a nomination.

3 responses to “Here’s The Trailer For The Danish Girl!

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  2. Well, that just reminded me of why I don’t watch trailers. Doesn’t bode well that the trailer showed all of a couple of seconds of Eddie talking while dressed as a woman. Oh, well. I’ll see it eventually.


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