Finally — Some Oscar News!

Finally, I have some concrete, nonspeculative, 100% verified Oscar news to share with y’all!

Yesterday, it was announced that the host of next year’s ceremony will be …. Neil Patrick Harris!

Now, that news isn’t really shocking or surprising.  Neil Patrick Harris has been hosting everything lately.  He’s hosted the Tonys.  He’s hosted the Emmys.  It’s about time that he got a chance to host the Oscars.

I have to admit that I think it’s a little bit silly the amount of importance that some commentators put on who exactly is going to host the ceremony.  Usually, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference.  Seth McFarlane was criticized when he hosted.  Ellen DeGeneres was acclaimed.  But ultimately, did either one of them really make a difference?  It all comes down to what the winners are wearing, what they say in their speeches, and whether or not there are any surprises or upsets.  The host is just kind of there.

(I mean, Ellen did a good job and all but oh my God, did I ever get sick of every group on the planet trying to do their own version of the Oscar selfie….)

I know some of my friends were hoping that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would host the Oscars.  Honestly, though, both Tina and Amy have lately started to remind me of the type of girls in high school who would judge you for wearing a short skirt.  There’s a certain tyranny of thought right now that says we have to love everything that Tina and Amy do but I personally think I’ll be much happier with Neil Patrick Harris.

And who knows?  Gone Girl could be an Oscar contender this year and, depending on how much the Academy actually embraces it, Harris could be both the host and a nominee, an accomplishment most recently achieved by James Franco.

Anyway, the main reason I’m happy about this news is because it means that Oscar season is here!  Soon, all of the Oscar films will have been seen and reviewed.  The critics groups will be voting.  The campaigns will be starting.

And it will officially be a good time to be alive…

"Take me to the Oscars!"

“Take me to the Oscars!”


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