Trailer: The Rover

A lot of people are probably going to be inclined to dismiss The Rover out-of-hand simply because it stars Robert Pattinson.  I suggest that, if those people need proof that Pattinson is capable of more than Twilight, they should go watch Cosmopolis.

And besides, even if you aren’t a fan of Pattinson’s, you should still be willing to take a chance on The Rover because it was directed by David Michod, who previously directed the absolutely brilliant Animal Kingdom, and it co-stars the great Guy Pearce.

The Rover will be released in the summer of 2014.


4 responses to “Trailer: The Rover

  1. Okay, Ms Bowman, you asked for it…

    The actress opposite Guy Pearce is Annie Jones. The actress who appears in the background, out of focus and listening into the conversation, is Vivean Gray, who appeared as Miss McGraw in “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. Mike Robinson (Pearce) was the boyfriend of Jane Harris (Jones), who in turn was the granddaughter of Mrs Mangel (Gray).

    It may interest you to know that Vivean Gray’s character Mrs Mangel was so despised, she was constantly harassed by viewers of “Neighbours”, and ostensibly this led to her moving back to England. Somehow, I doubt that’s the reason she moved back to her native England, because if I didn’t want to be pestered by people who watch “Neighbours”, England would be the last place I’d go.


  2. Any actor, no matter the films that made him famous to begin with, always gets a second chance with me when I hear that he has become the newest favorite of David Cronenberg.

    If Cronenberg continues to try and cast Pattinson in his upcoming film projects then he clearly sees something beyond the actor’s Twilight phase.


    • I remain unconvinced. I understand your logic, I just don’t buy into it. I saw “Cosmopolis”, and I found it to be tedious. Rather than having faith in a much-maligned actor because an esteemed director has started to cast him in movies, I tend to feel somewhat befuddled when this sort of thing happens. It’s like Woody Allen’s fascination with a certain overexposed Spanish woman, or his fondness for a particular Australian export who just won’t go away quietly. I understand that Woody Allen has made many great films, but I also understand that even the greats can make mistakes. Also (and I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m cynical for stating this), it’s really all about the moolah. I don’t care how great someone is, if they’ve got a chance to capitalise commercially, they’ll do it. I’m certain that DC could do better than the kid from “Twilight”. But they’re his films, he can do what he likes. The problem is that when a director does this, it tends to keep me away from their work. To some actors and actresses, I’m strongly allergic. This is why I don’t watch Ridley Scott films from the past ten or so years. He’s got a fetish for that hooligan from Kiwi Land (you know who I mean)–no way in hell do I claim his as my fellow countryman.


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