Missed my calling as a mad scientist/super villain/arms dealer

Today’s issue of Matt Fraction’s and Mike Allred’s FF (No. 16) inspired me and led me to think about the military applications of Pym Particles.  I am surprised organizations like SHIELD or AIM/HYDRA haven’t approached Hank Pym or Scott Lang to develop weapons utilizing the particles.

Below is a spoiler (art by Mike Allred):

pym particle

Uatu reveals the full potential of the Pym Particles! They do far more than merely shrinking and expanding objects… they explain the density shifting powers of synthezoid Vision and ionic based life form Simon Williams aka Wonder Man.

I imagine an AIM facility developing smart bullets derived from Unstable Molecules saturated with Pym Particles.  This magic bullet would possess the following traits:

  • A target lock feature with z-axis manipulation to phase through any obstacle (civilian or barrier) to reach the target or increase its density to diamond hardness to penetrate armor.
  • y-axis manipulation will propel the projectile towards the target.
  • x-axis manipulation will cause the bullet to expand to the size of a rocket where it will an ionic payload similar to Simon William’s energy discharge.

The bullet would be discharged from custom firearms with built-in molecular assemblers.

The guns would resemble the pistols wielded by the infamous Sentinel-Human Hybrid turned thief & mercenary, Fantomex (art by Rafael Grampá).



6 Monstrous Trailers

Hi!  It’s for another edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film trailers and I know that a lot of you are really going to love this week’s offerings!

The Trailer Kitties are apparently really excited about that remake of Godzilla that’s going to be released in May.  How do I know?  Well, just check out the trailers that they’ve gathered for us to watch.

1) Rodan (1956)

2) Gamera Vs. Viras (1968)

3)  Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (1971)

4) King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1962)

5) Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero (1965)

6) Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

What do you think, Trailer Kitty?

photo (1)

He’s entranced!