6 Trailers That Are Too Dangerous For Vermont


Hi there!  The trailer kitties have been busy assembling the latest edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film Trailers!  Let’s see what they’ve got for us this week…

1) Blood Hook (1986)

A.k.a. When Slasher Movies Get Lazy!

2) The Paperboy (1994)

I’ve watched this trailer a few times and I have yet to see either Matthew McConaughey or Zac Efron.

3) Mikey (1992)

However, the Paperboy isn’t the only psychotic child around…

4) Crazy Mama (1975)

I don’t know about you but I was getting disturbed by all those crazy kids.  Let’s go back to a more innocent age…

5) Battle Beyond The Sun (1960)

This was a Russian film that Roger Corman brought over to the United States.  A young Francis Ford Coppola shot the scenes with the space monsters.  I’m not even going to say what the monsters look like…

6) Robot Monster (1953)

Yes, I know we’ve shared this one before but seriously — don’t we all need a Robot Monster in our life?

What do you think, Super Trailer Kitty?


16 responses to “6 Trailers That Are Too Dangerous For Vermont

  1. Only two things come from Vermont:

    Male snowboarders and female snowboarders.

    Lisa Marie, it will interest you to know that there was some snowboarder from the United States down here for the Melbourne International Film Festival.

    No prizes for guessing from which state he originated.

    Then again, because I’m talking about a dude from Vermont, I guess it’s not interesting at all! Plus I’m not sure if Vermont is hip enough to have “dudes”.

    I even thought to myself “I bet he comes from Maine”.

    Because I confused Maine with Vermont…but I actually did mean Vermont.

    Seriously, they’re interchangable.


      • That whole area just confuses the crap out of me on so many levels. Being a football fan and not from North America, for years I thought that New England was an actual state, until I found out just New England just refers to some vague area in the northeast. I’m also confused as to why some of those states even exist in the first place. They should all just be absorbed into Massachusetts. Even so, Texas would probably still be bigger–am I right?


  2. Now, I do have bad eyes. Having said that, in the “Battle Beyond The Sun” trailer, at 1:42, it looks to me like the tagline text overlay says, “Terrifying as angry crap on your heart!” That WOULD be really scary.


  3. As I’ve always maintained, anybody who dislikes Vermont has never actually been there. Nice selection of trailers, though!


      • I’m pretty sure there are plenty of documentaries about snowboarding already, many of them made in places much more fun than Vermont.


    • Come on, man! That’s like saying that anybody who dislikes Pluto has never been there. Seriously, I think Pluto would be more hospitable. Also, I say that if Pluto is no longer allowed to be considered a planet, then there’s no way in hell that Vermont ought to be considered a state. Besides, at least people name their pets Pluto. Did you ever hear of a goldfish named Vermont?

      I’d sooner move to North Korea than Vermont. I say this with all sincerity, so long as North Korea appears as much fun as it is in “Comrade Kim Goes Flying”.


      • Now we’re just plain getting goofy. Anyone saying Pluto or North Korea look more hospitable than Vermont has not only never been there, but never seen a picture of the place!


        • Nah, I’ve seen pictures of Vermont. I’ve seen pictures of North Korea. I’ll take the latter. By the way, did you know that the biggest professional wrestling show of all time was held in North Korea? I’d rather go to the wrestling than watch snowboarding all day.

          Mehinks you protest too much–you’re not from Vermont, are you? Maybe we ought to drag you before HUAC–the House of Uninteresting Activities!

          “Is it not true that you’re from Vermont? Are you not the owner of this snowboard that we seized from your garage?”

          You’re welcome to plead the Fifth on this one!

          By the way, what the hell do you call a person from Vermont…Vermin?


          • No, I’m not from Vermont. But I’d move there in a heartbeat if not for the whole job/house/family thing. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some pretty terrific places in my life — yes, Mark, before you even ask I’ve spent plenty of time in Australia — but I honestly think that for pure scenic beauty, Vermont tops ’em all. Oh. and they’ve called Vermonters.


  4. Actually, I really WASN’T going to ask if you’ve spent time in Australia–it never occurred to me! I’m more interested if you’ve been to North Korea!

    Scenic beauty? You must find charm in a landscape littered with nuclear power plants. Why not take your chances at Three Mile Island?


    • P.S. Now that you HAVE mention it, I must ask, have you ever been to Tasmania?

      Tasmania is totally different from Continental Australia. Cleanest air and water in the non-polar world, and not a stinkin’ nuclear power station in sight. Plus they have kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils!

      Tasmania produced Errol Flynn and the Tasmanian Devil.

      Vermont produces snowboaders and nuclear waste.

      Enough said.


      • Actually, I must correct myself, it’s not “totally” different, but Tasmania is very much different from the mainland. I’ve met a veritable United Nations in my travels to Tassie. You can’t make that same claim about Vermont–the Boredom State!


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